E-mail Error

Ok, the "e-mail guy" fell asleep. Again!! Sorry for that. But you need the information so this is my backup system. Below you find the text of the e-mail you were supposed to get:

E-mail: Thanks for your job application. I'll get right to it so you know what to expect.

You're not going to have a normal job interview but instead you get an assignment. It's up to you to do your best and make yourself stand out among the other applicants.

One of the treasures I found was on a very strange named island. This location is the end goal of this assignment. You're going to follow my footsteps and try to find the location where I've found the treasure.

All over the internet you can find clues. So, for this job interview you're actually not going anywhere but surf the internet (preferably on a computer/laptop). Use a mix of online resources. Just to give you an idea:
  • google earth
  • google maps
  • google
  • archive.org
  • wikipedia
  • etc...
If you find answers, some of them you have to submit on specific webpages. All those page are protected with one password: mth https://joboffer.moderntreasurehunt.com/clues

Your first clue can be found in an Archive. Look for my first ancestor with whom I share my name (Nathaniel or also Nathan Drake). Maybe you recognize my name. That's because some game designer thought it would be a good idea to loosely build the main character on me as a successful treasure hunter.

Just look for my ancestor's year of birth in a book about "Births in Stoughtonham (now Sharon)" at page ? ?.

Happy Treasure Hunting,

Nathaniel Drake
Senior Treasure Hunter
Modern Treasure Hunt
+31(0)6-46727386 (Whatsapp)